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Professionals in Mac and Pc repairs in Brisbane City. Electronic Fix can fix virtually any issue with your mac, desktop pc or laptop. 

Why Choose Us?

We have offers that you wont see in most computer repair shops like our free pick up service, or our 1 year repair warranty! 

We also stock a large number of partsin store so we can repair it on the spot! 

On top of all this we have leading expertsi in mac and laptop repairs who have been in the industry for years. 

Mac Repair

Our expert staff are capable of a wide variety of services from;

  • Keyboard replacement
  • Screen Repairs
  • Repairs for Water Damage
  • Graphics/Display faults
  • OS & Hardware Updates

We can do all out of warranty repairs on your apple devices, even the ones that other Mac repair shops in Brisbane won't touch like graphics chip reflows, broken USB ports, liquid damage and Mac Mini repairs.

Laptop Repairs

If your laptop isn't behaving properly, Contact Us now, and book a time to bring it in. We will assess any problems with the laptop, then deal with them accordingly. Our professional technicians have many years of combined experience in the field of electronics and computer maintenance. Chances are, any problem you may have with your laptop is something we have seen and fixed before!

5/17 Blackwood Street
Mitchelton, QLD 4053
Phone 07 3613 0029 or 07 3108 7170
Added: 21 May 2014 10:37am
Last Edited: 17 July 2018 9:07am
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