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Video Production Brisbane

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Video Production Brisbane is a video production business creating powerful and effective commercial and corporate videos, promotional videos, training videos, documentaries and online digital and social content.

With over 14 years in video production experience, Brisbane video producer Edwin Davis has a passion for producing creative video content that effectively engages and enriches the viewer.
Full Range of Corporate Video Production Services:
  • Initial consultation with the client
  • Review of shooting locations
  • Filming and production
  • Edit sessions with the client
  • Production of videos for broadcast, cinema or the internet

Our commercial video production services in Brisbane include a detailed planning and pre-production process with the client, which will greatly aid in the success of your project. Our high level of attention to detail also ensures every angle of production is covered.
Camera Crews in Brisbane

Our Brisbane camera operators are true professionals. Experienced behind the camera and with a friendly, easy-going manner, they are always a delight to work with.

We have a range of camera crews for hire depending on your needs, from a single camera operator to large crews with multiple camera operators, director, lighting, wardrobe and styling.

Brisbane Camera Crews & Camera Operators Covering All Events

Our Brisbane camera crew can cover live events, conferences, seminars and workshops, sporting events, concerts, festivals, corporate events and corporate functions. We’re available to film throughout Brisbane and Queensland.

We deliver the raw footage directly to you on the same day as the shoot – via either SD card or hard drive. Or if you prefer, our video editing team can cut the footage to create the perfect video for your needs. We also provide full video production services if required.

Our Brisbane camera operators are skilled in using the following equipment:
  • Professional broadcast-ready 4K and HD camera kits
  • Drones and aerial video systems
  • Timelapse video cameras
  • Tripods and gimbal stabilisers
  • Lighting
  • Audio microphones (boom and lapel)
Morningside, QLD 4170
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Video Production Brisbane
Video Production BrisbaneVideo Production BrisbaneVideo Production BrisbaneVideo Production BrisbaneVideo Production BrisbaneVideo Production BrisbaneVideo Production Brisbane
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