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Dana Flannery - Brisbane SEO Trainer

Is your SEO and Google Ads budget spiraling out of control?  It is time to evolve your marketing and advertising strategy.  Transform your existing team into effective lead generators with one day’s SEO training with Dana Flannery. 


Brisbane based Dana Flannery specializes in making SEO easy to understand and, believe it or not, fun!  From in-house training, problem lead SEO training to broad digital marketing training across departments and whole industries, Dana Flannery has worked with some of Australia’s leading brands to boost their digital marketing presence.  


Gain an understanding of whether your current SEO $$ are being well spent, give your valuable team members the opportunity to upskill, build your brand’s presence and supercharge your digital marketing results.  From the CMO to the receptionist, with SEO training even your most junior team member will have confidence in their ability to generate new revenue for your business.  For solid return on investment, upskilling your team with SEO training may be the best decision you could make for your business.   


Learn how to find the right keywords to attract customers at each stage of their purchase decision, access key competitor information to help you build your own brand’s presence, understand how to measure and report on the success of your digital marketing efforts, find out how to tap into new markets and more.  


Dana Flannery’s approach to SEO is all about sustainability for long term results.  When each member of your team is armed with the right skills and a task list of easy to achieve goals, your business can start working towards dropping Facebook and Google Ads altogether.  SEO training can SAVE your business thousands.  


Talk to Dana Flannery today about how your business can build an in-house SEO strategy that keeps delivering year after year.

30 Walton Place
Brighton, QLD 4017
Added: 24 September 2019 11:12am
Last Edited: 9 April 2021 1:59pm
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