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Why should only famous people get the chance to tell their story? Think of us like the television program, 'Australian Story' only for everyone! A video biography or personal history documentary is a brilliant way to record your life story for the benefit of your family. Whatever your life story, whoever you are, to your family your memories are priceless. Your children and grandchildren will want to know your story because it is part of their life story too.  At Real People Reel Stories we understand that everyone has a unique story that is worth telling.

Real People Reel Stories specialises in helping you realise your family history documentary, business chronicle, or pet tribute through the wonder of a video biography, creating timeless memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

Structured interviews combined with your own photos, film and video create a custom personal video or audio biography. We produce a professional video so that generations from now your loved ones, friends and colleagues will know you and who you are through your own words.

The Story Of How You Built Your Company

Your family may live in relative comfort now, but it wasn’t always so easy.  You worked hard to build up your own business, times were tough, but through sheer hard work and determination you succeeded.  Your story deserves to be told, not just for your family, but your employees too.

Excellence In Education

Your School or College is a leader in education with your students regularly graduating in the top few percentile throughout the country each year. Other students are excelling in sports, drama, mathematics and science. Real People Reel Stories can help you mark these wonderful achievements and celebrate the rich, diverse history of your school.  

A Tribute To That Much Loved Furry Family Member

They keep us company when we're lonely, they make us smile when we're feeling down, they share so much with us along the way. At Real People Reel Story we understand just how important those fluffy family members are to your life, so why not immortalise them with a lovingly crafted Pet Tribute. 

A Real People Reel Stories Video Biography Is Perfect For Any Of These Ocassions:

Anniversaries; Banquets; Birthdays; Christmas; Company Parties; Corporate & Employee Biographies; End of Life Celebrations; Family Reunions; Father’s Day; Fundraisers; Holiday Gatherings; Honeymoons; Memorials; Military Reunions; Mother’s Day; Real Estate Tours; Religious events; Retirements; School events; Senior Year; Tributes; Sports Events; Trade Shows; Valentine's Day; Video Greeting Cards; Weddings; Video Messages & Speeches; Youth Events & Activities

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Real People Reel Stories
Real People Reel StoriesReal People Reel StoriesReal People Reel StoriesReal People Reel StoriesReal People Reel StoriesReal People Reel StoriesReal People Reel StoriesReal People Reel Stories
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