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eco-logical event solutions

Climate Wave Enterprises makes your event sustainable through consultation, review and hands-on logistics services

Examining all aspects of your event's operation, we offer you solutions to ensure it is environmentally friendly

Whether you're staging a sporting event, a music festival or a corporate gathering, we'll reduce the impact of your event on the planet.

Climate Wave Enterprises exists to help the organisers of sporting and corporate events, music festivals and official functions to take positive steps towards environmental sustainability. We do this through a rigorous process involving review, audit and reporting.

In consultation with third party event managers, or directly with organisers themselves, Climate Wave gathers information regarding the venue(s), profile of attendee / visitor type, and details of any environmental measures already being taken. From this, a review of areas that need to be addressed to minimise ecological impact and lower the carbon footprint is compiled. These areas include some, or all of the following:


One of the most expensive resources available, electricity is at the centre stage of any event. Supply, usage and costs always play a fundamental role in planning any occasion and needs to be addressed efficiently. The cost of electricity is a major concern, and its generation is the leading agent for climate change.


The use of toilets, taps and showers can account for a significant amount of water and costs for an event. Event organisers may not be aware of how much they can reduce their event’s costs and impacts through water saving actions. Procedures such as using compostable toilets and 100% recycled toilet paper are efficient methods to lower environmental impacts and minimize costs.

waste & recycling

Management of waste and cleaning can and should be applied to all areas of an event. The best approach to tackle this task is to adopt the concept of “leave only footprints”. What types of disposables will be used, how they will be recycled; compostables, general waste and choice of cleaning products and materials will also be evaluated. All these actions contribute for cost savings and reduction in toxic materials.


Travel and transport planning is an integral part of any event. It guarantees that all involved will be able to travel, prior, during and after the event completion. Public transport, carpooling, bicycle facilities and any alternative means should be investigated in order to maximize sustainable ways of transportation, hence minimising carbon emissions.


Accommodation will be sourced using its proximity to the event and its environmental practices. Wherever possible the accommodation providers will have to comply with sustainable systems and procedures to the extent of their capabilities.


One of the heaviest environmental impact areas of any event, is usually where most of the waste is generated, producing the largest carbon footprint. Non-toxic biodegradable materials such as bamboo and vegetable starch catering products are available and can be a valuable education tool to show the public direct alternatives. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle should be the standard.

event promotion & marketing

A promotions plan can include what the event organisers would like to achieve from different perspectives including marketing, resources and sustainability impacts.
The major benefits of making your event more sustainable is the promotion of the sustainable practices implemented at your event. This could be done to attract more people to attend your event, attract more sponsorship deals, attract higher quality speakers and get more media coverage for your event.

educational packages

Greening your event generates a unique opportunity to communicate sustainability principles and how they are transformed into actions, and creates an occasion for event organisers and sponsors to send a positive message to the community to enhance their credentials. Climate Wave Enterprises can be on-site with a tailored education presentation to your visitors and attendees addressing these topics.

Once the review is complete and a plan of environmental management is drawn up, Climate Wave will begin the process of optimising the event’s green capabilities, with a view towards cost savings and reduction of resources used. The plan will include strategies to minimise the discharge of, and calculate and offset the carbon emissions produced.

At the completion of the event, a final report will be made, and delivered to the event organiser with an overlay of procedures undertaken and recommendations for the future.

With the increased challenges associated with climate change it is essential that events plan to reduce their CO2 emissions.

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Climate Wave Enterprises
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Climate Wave Enterprises
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