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The Propaganda Mill

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Have you ever seen one of those YouTube Videos where whole buildings are projected onto to create some amazing 3D effects?

Well that's where we started....

Recently, Propaganda Mill has been exploring the use of digital projection to enhance smaller spaces. Day or night. In doing so we have developed techniques that focus on using complex built forms as our canvas. This does not simply involve projection of images on flat surfaces, instead it involves tailor made motion graphics that build upon the environment. In simple terms every surface can be projected onto.

More recently, we have begun to focus our efforts to apply these techniques to lit environments such as retail and public venues. We see this as the newest addition to a designer’s pallet; something you will be seeing more and more in public spaces.

Think of it as a game changer, you can completely change and create new environments without physically touching a thing. From enhancing a lit retail display with a spark of life and innovation to branding the night-time facade of a heritage listed building, anything is possible. The potential applications of this technology are limited only by your imagination.

Using these techniques Propaganda Mill can deliver a unique solution to your space or event. Potential applications include:

  • Retail / Shop-front Displays
  • Exhibition / Events Theming
  • Large Scale Commercial Interiors
  • Nightclub advertising
  • Way Finding
  • Information Graphics
  • Stage / Performance sets
  • Public Artworks
  • Animated building facades (interior/exterior)
  • Theme park Rides
  • Environment Design
Brisbane, QLD 4000
Added: 3 May 2012 12:26pm
Last Edited: 4 May 2012 10:38am
The Propaganda Mill
The Propaganda MillThe Propaganda MillThe Propaganda MillThe Propaganda Mill
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