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Shaun Michels

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Hello. My name is Shaun Michels. I am a professional resume writer. My passion lies in helping job seekers enhance their career prospects. I know the right job can transform your life. It's time for a positive change!

## Are you ready to start your journey? ##

I have been helping job seekers as a professional resume writer for more than six years now. I know how valuable a concise and compelling resume can be to help you get interviews. I have the expertise and insights into the job market to help any job seeker transition to their next position. I follow the best practices used by HR and recruiters alike, so you do not have too.

## We know it's not easy to write about yourself. ##

Hire the right professional resume writer and you will have access to the support and expert advice you need to get hired! I have direct access to a team of subject matter experts and specialists in human resources, recruitment and employment services. When you hire me to tell your professional story, know now that it is my personal mission to align your professional brand strategically with your career ambitions and goals.

## Lets work together to achieve great results! ##

I love storytelling and writing compelling narratives. If I can help you share your journey and professional aspirations with the world, I am doing what I am supposed to. If you would like a free review, email me for help!

22 Walnut Crescent
Lowood, QLD 4311
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Added: 20 June 2016 12:40pm
Last Edited: 20 June 2016 12:40pm
Shaun Michels
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