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McLennan Consultants will:

Develop and administer a comprehensive ISO Quality Assurance Business Management System - This will meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 international standards  and your company will be guided through the implementation, maintenance, audits and accreditation process in order to achieve and maintain your ISO 9001:2008 certification with JAS-ANZ.

Develop and administer a comprehensive AS4801 Safety Management System -

This will satisfy the requirements set out in the AS4801 Safety Management Standard. Our Consultant will direct your staff on how to manage an effective Safety Management System, to prevent and eliminate potential risks and hazards.

In-house training - We will customise a training program to specifically meet the needs of you and your staff to reflect your companies unique processes and policies. Training programs will be delivered in a format that suits your company and the timing and delivery of the courses is based around your daily schedules.

Offer one on one attention - This will allow our consultants to deliver exceptional results in a timely manner. Quality Assurance needs are controlled to ensure the most professional approach to your businesses success. We pride ourselves in our personal contact with all our clients and will deliver skills, advice and techniques that will build and enhance professional relationships.
Assist in gaining the PQC Registration - The PQC system and its supporting database are accessed by QLD Government Departments tp support their decision of seeking appropriately qualified indusrty consultants to undertake specific works.

Wakerley, QLD 4154
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Added: 4 November 2012 10:18am
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McLennan Consulting
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