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With 1 trillion photos forecast to be taken in 2015*, the photobook concept will continue to flourish. But, how many of us have hundreds and thousands of photos hidden away on hard drives?


Whilst technology has delivered apps and software to help bring digital memories to life, sadly no-one has been able to increase the amount of time we have at our disposal. We have become increasingly time-poor, meaning tasks get prioritised… or left undone.

This is where my photo angel can help !

I\'m Kerri McConnel, owner of my photo angel. I developed this business after leaving a successful corporate career in 2014 to follow my travel and food passion. I was definitely one of those time poor people who has had to lean on the expertise of others when I simply didn\'t have enough time in my own day. I understand how tasks just pile up and create a never ending list of \'things to do\". 

I\'ve been documenting my travels with word and image in some form since 1997. Many years ago, the photobook became a regular part of my post-travel activity, so that I could always ensure that there was an appropriate record to bring my experiences to life, and to allow others to share (without having to submit them to hours of photo slideshows!). My production of these soon expanded into photobooks for special family events, and for other people.

As friends, family and colleagues pored over the pages, it became evident to me that people loved them, but there were regular comments of “I don’t have time”, “love the idea, but can’t be bothered doing it myself”, or “it all seems too hard”


my photo angel, is here to help create an amazing photobook for people and businesses who don’t have the time, don’t have access to the technology, don’t have the motivation or one of many other reasons  they might find not to get started. 

One thing is clear… wants their precious photos hidden away on hard drives. They want to showcase them, put them on the coffee table or give them to friends and families as gifts. Business can also use photobooks for commercial marketing, PR and brand awareness, or just as a simple thank you for clients.

Holland Park West, QLD 4121
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my photo angel
my photo angel my photo angel my photo angel my photo angel my photo angel my photo angel
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