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Are your timber floors beginning to show signs of too much wear and tear? If so, count on the professionals of Brisbane Timber Floors to breathe new life into them so that your home has a new look and vibe. We provide top-notch floor sanding and polishing services which are fast, clean, and easy on your budget.

Our personnel are trained to get the work done quickly, efficiently, and effectively, so that nothing is left behind but clean, beautiful floors. To be honest, you might find them so gorgeous that you won't want to actually set foot on them. We've successfully improved the appearance of thousands of homes over the last three decades, thanks to our various sanding and polishing services. Every member of our team has gone through thorough training and testing in order to make sure that we deliver consistently exceptional results. Our decades of industry experience has empowered us to create process and systems that have not only stood the test of time but been improved along the way too. We apply highly researched techniques that can effectively strip stains, dullness, and dirt away from your floors. The services we offer cater especially to timber floors, parquetry, and cork.

Sanding and polishing timber floors isn't all that we do, since we also do parquetry sanding. Parquetry is just like the timber floors you have in that they can get dingy and dull in time. We have a combination of time-tested techniques for sanding and polishing along with cutting-edge equipment, meaning we can polish and even restore the class and style that your parquetry once had, and it will again.

Floor Sanding

We've sanded thousands of different timber floors all over Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast for more than three decades. Given our industry experience, we're now experts in effectively and efficiently removing the many years of wearing down that your floors have suffered. We make floors shine with vibrant beauty once again, regardless of the size of space we work in, and we service residential and commercial spaces alike.

Brisbane Timber Floors: Our Sanding Process

To get the timber floor you own ready for sanding, our veteran team members physically pull out the carpet or underlay and then punch nails in it to fill in any holes. Doing this lets our team begin their work using the appropriate surface. After the timber floor is prepared, then our team meticulously follows proven techniques known to remove the buildup of dirt so that your floor's natural beauty comes back to the surface.

About Our Floor Polishing

Once the sanding process is done, then the next step is the floor polishing. We'll give you multiple options about the kind of finish that you'd like for your floors. You can either get it polished or oiled. If you want a matte finish, then oiling is a good choice. On the other hand, if you'd like a glossy shine, then polishing is a good way to go.

We provide 2K Duo Polyurethane, and that's a water-based finish. If you're looking for a matte or satin look, then that will get the job done. Hybrid SR-10 gives it double durability, and it's also free of toxins, smells, scents, and aroma. We're also very proud of our latest offering which is the commercial-grade UV Cured Polyurethane. It also provides satin and matte finishes, but what makes this particular finish stand out from the pack is that it has instant usability along with triple durability, meaning that it's 40 per cent more durable than most conventional finishes. Home and business owners alike can take advantage of this because you won't have to wait hours to days to set foot on our floors again, because this has an instant finish, once cured by our UV light system. We're the first provider in Brisbane to offer UV Cured Polyurethane.

Natural Oil Non-Toxic Floor Finishing

If you want a healthy and all-natural alternative polish for your timber floors, then we're who to call because we offer a natural oil floor finish that is non-toxic, meaning it's safe for kids, pets, asthma sufferers, and anyone with allergies. Your floor finish shouldn't give you a moment of guilt because we use 100 per cent environmentally conscious products. Contact us right away for your free quote.

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Brisbane Timber Floors
2704/45 Duncan St,
West End, QLD 4101
Ph: 0428 777 592

2704/45 Duncan St.
West End, QLD 4101
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