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Ultimate Solar Solutions

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Ultimate Solar Solutions Pty Ltd specialises in the supply
and installation of grid connected solar power systems. Ultimate Solar Solutions are dealers for Conergy complete solar power systems and SMA German inverters. We pride ourselves on outstanding personal service, high quality products and local knowledge and experience. All of our systems are designed by
a Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited designer and installed by experienced CEC qualified electricians who are members of the Masters Electrician Association. Call us today and experience the difference of dealing with a company who puts
their clients first. For more information please visit us on the web at

An investment in solar energy is an investment for the future. A good quality solar system will provide you with clean free energy for many, many years. Therefore it is important that you choose solar power products that can give you that guarantee.

When choosing a solar power system you must consider three main points. The warranty offered on the panels, the credibility of that company and the type of inverter. A good system will consist of recogisable brands, panels with 25 year limited output warranty andbacked by an international company.Here at Ultimate Solar Solutions wecan design a system thatwill meet all of your needs.

Solar Panels

At Ultimate Solar Solutions we only use Conergy solar panels. Conergy panels offer one of the longest output guarantees on the market. Their solar panels offer a 25 year output guarantee that is backed by service that is second to none. For more details on our solar panel range please contact us.


The type of inverter used in a solar power system is crucial. There are many types of inverters on the market today and it can be confusing as to which one to use. The basic function of an inverter is to efficiently convert DC power that is generated by the solar panels into AC power which can be used by your electrical appliances and also returned to the grid. We offer a number of different inverters so that we can always offer you an inverter to suit your individual needs. For more information on our inverter range please see our website or contact us via our contact page on our website.

Mounting System

The mounting system is an equally important part of the system. Because each roof is different, the mounting system must be able to meet the following criteria,

  • Meet all Australian wind rating standards
  • Flexible mounting points
  • Water proofing measures to ensure no leaks
  • Adjustable frame to ensure optimum angle towards the sun
  • Aesthetics. It must look great and add value to your home

At Ultimate Solar Solutions we only use Australian made and tested mounting systems. For more information on our mounting system please contact us.

For more information on all of our products please visit us on the web at www.ultimatesolarsolutions.comau

Forest Lake, QLD 4078
Ultimate Solar Solutions
Phone 07 3102 4003
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Ultimate Solar Solutions
Ultimate Solar SolutionsUltimate Solar SolutionsUltimate Solar Solutions
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