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QUG’s solar technicians can install any kind of solar system you desire for your building. We can design and install systems that are connected to the grid or not connected. We will also include a smart solar inverter with your system. This inverter includes a robust software infrastructure that will help you system to be future proof to changes that may occur on your grid.

An investment in solar will drastically cut down on the future running costs of your business or domicile. Cheaper solar installations will require more maintenance over time and will end up costing more money than they are worth. Our premium solar systems are well designed and efficient. Our systems will save you a lot of money in the long run so don’t delay your installation.

Suite 98 42 Manilla St
East Brisbane, QLD 4169
Phone 0734351511 or 0480187266
Added: 15 June 2020 9:45pm
Last Edited: 15 June 2020 9:45pm
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