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Neoapocalyptica Music & Entertainment

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Event production and promotion, tours and artist services for the Alternative crowd. Based in Brisbane, Australia.

The revolution starts now.


Neoapocalyptica [Music & Entertainment]

Ne-o-a-poc-a-lyp-tic-a [nee-yoh-uh-pok-uh-lip-tik-ah]

1. a music and entertainment business based in Brisbane, Australia.
2. possessing of an all consuming passion for alternative music; “Wow, the Neoapoc guys were front and centre again last night.”
3. dedicated to providing quality services for independent alternative artists by utilising their skills and experience to ensure the best for their clients; “How did you get on the tour line up?” “The Neoapoc guys are doing the tour and wanted local bands to support.”
4. capable of producing events that encompass a full visual and audio experience; “It’s like a mini Wave Gottik Treffen down there!” [Reference – patron exclamation outside Prometheus Bound, November 2009].
5. a catalyst for revolution.

Ne-o-a-poc, Neoapocalyptica is often abbreviated to this.



Our ethos is simple; Do something we would want to go to.

We’re known for producing singularly unique entertainment and hold the belief that events are more than just the sum total of sight and sound. They should be a sensory spectacle, almost to the point of overload. The most memorable events are the ones that have the right atmosphere and that's what we're aiming for with everything that we produce.

We here at Neoapoc feel that Australia gets a bit of a bum rap when it comes to Alternative touring artists and it's mainly the distance factor. Why should we miss out? So we figured; We shouldn't.

We are committed to bringing the best alternative talent to the Land Down Under so you can get your fill of alt. glory whenever possible be it local or international. A smorgasboard of awesome if you will.

We love artists. Many of the Neoapoc team are artists themselves and know how tough it can be trying to get somewhere in this industry without help.

And we aren't limiting who we offer services to. As well as musicians we can help performers, clothing designers and retailers, jewellery designers, photographers, media artists, graphic artists ... the whole lot.

Here is a list of some of the services we can help with, if you need something that isn't on there give us a call or drop and email through and we can have a chat.

  • (E)PK Development - Press Kits a go go.
  • Bookings - We'll take the hassle out of getting gigs for you.
  • Gig Promo - Not only will we help you with your marketing for the gig, we'll get out there and distribute posters/flyers to where they need to go.
  • Social Networking - Don't know where to start? Haven't got enough time to keep it all updated? We do!
  • Copy Writing - Need something written? Business documentation drafted? We are rather good at that sort of thing.
  • Administrative - Call us your Girl Friday. Any back end admin you don't want to deal with, we're your go to.

We're very flexible with pricing. We know that everyone isn't sitting on a pile of money and we can negotiate fees to suit your budget.

Queen Street
Brisbane, QLD 4000
Neoapocalyptica Music & Entertainment
Phone (04) 1366 3116
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Neoapocalyptica Music & Entertainment
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