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tune2peace - Personal & Global Transformation - Energy Psychology & Music

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Let go of Limiting Beliefs which are causing unhappiness in your life,

Release stuck or blocked energy, emotions, worries, Fears,

Improve your performance,

Lose Weight,

Find a new way to see a problem you can't get rid of,

Change the way you view healing the world, your body and those you are on your life's journey with.


Are you experiencing chronic stuck feelings or symptoms such as depression without a cause, anxiety, feeling of general heaviness or restriction? We live in unique times. Times in which we are individually and collectively waking up to our true nature, which is limitless and expansive and cannot be bound by the limiting belief systems of the past.


The symptoms listed above are all common symptoms people experience along the path to realising that they are in fact a spirit having a human experience, and not the physical body, or the problems that surround them on a daily basis.


Are you ready to let go of all the belief systems that are limiting your experiences in life? Are you ready to allow for limitless possibilities in your life? To release attachment to outcomes and to change the way your life, relationships, and finances play out?


Expansive feelings of peace cannot be found by re-arranging our external world. It is only by going within and changing our INTERNAL landscape that we can allow real and lasting change to enter our lives.


Using cutting edge Energy Psychology Techniques such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Matrix Reimprinting and Powerful off-body energy-work, Troy offers his clients the space to explore and release the programs that aren't working for them anymore.


Explore issues in any area of your life in a supportive and nurturing space, with a view to releasing those which aren't serving the life you would like to create for yourself. Areas most people are interested in include relationships, money, employment, business, life path, stuck feelings, depression, anxiety, feeling heavy, blocked or lost, alone etc.


Troy has been working with energy for over 10 years now and along with powerful energy, meridian tapping techniques, offers his clients a real choice to transform their lives.


Troy is located in Brisbane and also runs groups and workshops for healing and empowerment.


Carina Heights, QLD 4152
Added: 1 September 2012 11:46am
Last Edited: 17 September 2012 4:57pm
tune2peace - Personal & Global Transformation - Energy Psychology & Music
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