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Got very very bad ghosts and demons and portholes urgent help needed have a lot photos has started trying to make throw peressionout trying to take ova house have had priest from Anglican church bless this house and a catholic priest exorcise the house and exorcised the house two nights ago have had attracts by this thing and also faces all ova every thing claiming and eyes pair brown eyes and other coloured eyes and demons of all kind this happens usually between 2and 4.39 OK there go just did time its self even phone bit possessed ,poured salt around windows and doors faces in floor boards moving constantly but got stuck in salt but also some of the salt was moving it was using salt to transport 

41 Garrett street
Murrarie Brisbane, QLD 4172
Phone 0422287936 or 0424684246
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Added: 22 January 2019 10:41am
Last Edited: 22 January 2019 10:41am
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